Milyo Brand Guidelines


“Milyo” is a single word, always spelled with a capital “M”. It is the brand name of both our company and our application (not “Milyo app”). Social media tags should use #milyo


Milyo's primary brand colour is a subtle desaturated red. The colour symbolises the meaning of love which evokes sentiments of passion and intensity.



RGB 246, 90, 106



RGB 57, 58, 61



RGB 249, 248, 246


Provide plenty of space around Milyo assets. Make them big or make them small, but give them room to breathe. They shouldn’t feel cramped or cluttered.


The Milyo logo should be used in all references to Milyo as space allows. Monochrome usage is preferred with the brand colours below.

Milyo logo in white
Milyo logo in white
Milyo logo in black


For tight layouts or logo-only grids, the Milyo glyph is a concise way to refer to Milyo. Use with good judgment for your audience, as the Milyo glyph has stronger brand recognition.

Milyo glyph in white
Milyo glyph in white
Milyo glyph in black